AWS 40/100G wholesale Express-Route ?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering, is there any way to get more than a 10G port for a PNI
with AWS customers ?

Right now I'm looking at 4 ridiculously expensive X-Cos (on two
locations, so that makes 8) to establish a redundant 40Gbps backhaul,
where I have 40/100G ports available.

How could we deal with that ? Is there an "off-market" offering for
higher speed interconnects ?

Best regards,

Some quick terminology to be clear, AWS uses the term "Direct Connect"
whereas MS Azure uses "Express Route". Right now, max link bandwidths
  - AWS Direct Connect: 10G.
  - Azure Express Route: 100G (though I'm unsure this is available in
every location)
  - GCP Dedicated Interconnect: 10G (100G in beta)

If your equipment is not local to a location where your desired cloud
provider has the handoff, then you must have some carrier service in
between. There are several partners of these cloud providers. You can
buy a circuit from them to reach a port on the cloud provider side.
The partner handles the lower layer connectivity into the cloud
provider gear. Some partners may offer above 10G but you should review
in detail how they manage the bandwidth to be sure you get the
performance you need.