AW: Odd policy question.

> Let me attempt to bring this back to the policy question.
> Does someone have the *right* to put one of your IP addresses as an NS
> record for their domain even if you do not agree?
> Registrar policies imply that this is so, and has been this way for a
> long time.

Once upon a time, registrar/er policies did NOT allow this. NSI used to
have "GUARDIAN" which controlled who could register domain names
listing name servers with your IP addresses. Unfortunately, NSI never
completely implemented guardian; and it pretty much completely
disappeared after the trademark lawyers took over.

IIRC, Guardian was fully implemented. Guardian was a method of
authentication objects that used pgp to prevent people
from modifying objects, and from seeing attributes that
were marked private. I have 0 recollection of the object classes,
but I remember I had used Guardian extensively on some domains.
I'm thinking 97'ish.

As far as nameserver modifications for name servers, these were
never acked IIRC. As long as you had a valid Netsol handle, you
were all set. It was domains that required acks and that was so
you had to pay the bill at your hoster or ISP before you moved
your services.