AUTORESPONDERS : Gentle Reminder

Actually, this mailing list neither adds in a "Mailing-List: ..." header
nor a "Precedence: bulk" header, which are the two easiest ways to spot a
modern mailing list. I'd suggest you complain to the mailing list
managers, not the poor people whose [most likely] properly configured
autoresponders aren't being given the information they should be given.

Actually, the way to spot *any* mailing list is to notice that your
email address is not listed in the To: or Cc: lines.

These peoples' autoresponders are broken; the list is fine. (Andrew Partan)

No, the list is not fine. It should set the Precendence level. Your method
would automatically assume that anyone who BCC'ed you was a mailing list.

It appears to be adding it now.

  Go hide under your christmas trees or around your other holiday
related items and enjoy the holidays.

  - jared