Automated Copyright Notice System

Someone coming up with tools to solve Paul's problems. Anyone can send an
XML formated notice to an ISP, and the user's Internet access is
automatically restricted. Spoofing?

Btw, the music industry has applied for a patent on the technique. Prior
art anyone?

  Known as the Automated Copyright Notice System (ACNS), the technology
  promises to ease copyright enforcement on peer-to-peer networks, saving
  schools and Internet service providers (ISPs) time and money. It would
  allow them to restrict or cut off Internet access for alleged infringers
  automatically on notice from a record label or movie studio. For
  example, universities using ACNS could instantly send notices of
  copyright infringement to students by e-mail and restrict their network
  access until they have removed the file.
  "We're helping the ISP or university with policy enforcement, we're not
  dictating the policy but we're saying here's a tool to help with
  automating the process. We're the friends of the ISP," said Mark
  Ishikawa, chief executive officer of BayTSP, a Los Gatos, Calif.-based
  company that is using the system on behalf of copyright holders.

I can't wait for the first viruses to start flooding bogus acns messages
in order to make acns worthless.

Also expect spammers to start flooding forged acns messages in order to
try to take down RBLs etc.


No need for spoofing. Their "auto-reports" are already bogus. I blocked
mails from Media Sentry because they were sending hundreds of reports/day
for IPs not even close with my allocated ranges and they failed to
answer to any of my complains (mail, fax, voice messages even messages
to their rep. lawyer).