Automated alarm notification

Is anyone aware of software, or perhaps a service, that will take SNMP
traps, properly parse them, and perform the appropriate call outs based on
certain content, after waiting 5 or 10 minutes for any alarms that don't

I looked at PagerDuty, but they don't do any SNMP trap parsing, and nothing
with set/clear.



you could use snmptt with an Exec-Command (SendMail, SMS, …) or define it as a passive service alert in Nagios / Icinga / $YourMonitoring.


I've used Zabbix, Nagios, etc to handle receiving and parsing traps,
set/clear etc. Then have them send a trap (or via email to script that
sends a trap) to SIPShout to actually generate the callout. It's worked


datadog will do this without issue, and if you have a small number of hosts
it's nearly free.


Where I currently work we use CastleRock SNMPc and feed alarms based off certain trap conditions/time events into another bit of software called EasyCall which then sends out SMS messages to the engineers; however both are Windows based only.

$Job-1 used Nagios to parse the traps and send SMS from a mobile phone directly connected to the server after the conditions were met.

Check_MK over OMD. Good event parsing capabilities. Easy to set up, nagios
core but rewritten app for much better performance. Multisite master/slave
capabilities +++.

Free or supported. Your pick.

We've been using Statseeker for some time now. It costs but it's been well worth the investment as a monitoring solution with the ability to parse incoming syslog messages and generate alerts.

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Thanks, but I don’t see that datadog can ingests SNMP traps – can you point me in the right direction?


OpenNMS has direct support for SNMP traps and multistage alerting. It's a pain in the ass to setup (depending on what you're doing*) but it's free and very high performance.

* if all your MIBS are already supported then 90% of the work is done and it's not so bad. Just setup multistage alerts for 5 and 10 minute intervals depending on if something clears or if someone responds to the alert. They support lots of alert types. SMTP, SMS, voice call, a few ticketing systems, XMPP, twitter and probably more. ?