Authority over IANA & IP #s was Re:

Nice paper, but I think you're seriously off on the recompete of the NIC.
It was more like 1992 rather than '88 as you write. Given the way the
Internet changes character each year, that was quite a difference.

Well, I think there was this other twist that may confuse things a
little bit. If I recall right the SRI-NIC function was recontracted by
DCA with NSI (was it called NSI then?) before the InterNIC thing
happened, and obviously before NSI won the RS part of the InterNIC.
Furthermore, if I recall right, there was some NSF cost sharing for the
non-DoD part of the DDN-NIC ways prior to the formal InterNIC
creation. So, yeah, the InterNIC was awarded rather late, but I think
there was a (virtual?) InterNIC function (because of the interagency
collaboration) prior to the award. Not sure it is possible to pin down
exact starting dates for all those things.