From: Per Gregers Bilse <>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 09:46:14 +0100

> The more bashing I hear here the less I want to ask a question here.
> I'm not stupid but I am worried that one question might spark a rash of

flames back at me.

> This is a newbies point of view.

Thanks for braving it.-)

It would be interesting if we knew the newbie:bully:oldie ratio on NANOG.
As an oldie, I would rather see "clueless" newbie questions as opposed to
contentless rants and posturing, and I don't believe any kind of "edge" vs
"core" split of NANOG is good. Networking is end-to-end, and what is
needed is a "tech" vs "non-tech" split.

In the old days we had a list called com-priv which effectively worked as
the non-tech counterpart; anything to do with domain names, law suits,
business practices, peering politics, legislation and regulation, etc,
etc, etc would go on com-priv. Many, if not most, people subscribed to
both lists, but kept things separate in their heads and in their postings.
That didn't mean NANOG was a panacea for newbies, but just getting today's
S/N ratio under control would be of great help.

We HAVE such a list:

It has been around for several years now... Unfortunately, not too much

Gregory Hicks

If interested in such a list, an active one is ISP-CHAT. Details:

To Join:
To Remove:

Be warned however that it is wildly inflammatory and rarely useful.

Perhaps a in-between list that is for topics that are not immediatly operational but still on-topic for the industry? A nanog-industry list?

sigh...not that I need to be on more lists...