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Larry J. Plato put this into my mailbox:

My first thought was this would be a disadvantage, since most
users have no clue about the working of the net, but they know
that application <bandwidth hog> 'runs faster' than application
<net friendly>.

Speaking of such people, does anyone know if there's any sort of campaign
to educate the general masses on how the net works, in laymans' terms?

In an attempt to explain why Internet connectivity hasn't been great
and why connections around DALnet are lagged, I put together an
explanation that analogizes the Internet to a series of roads, trying
to include what happens when it jams up, how traffic transfers across
the 'net, etc. For most people, this was their first real explanation
of 'the information superhighway'. I still get reports of people
passing it around to their friends.

It strikes me that if one wants a campaign to get developers to make
bandwidth-friendly applications to succeed, there must also be another
campaign to inform users exactly *why* bandwidth must be conserved.

I've also found that, if given a reasonable explanation as to why something
should be a certain way, most people will comply instead of doing their
own thing. It helps to explain what's going on.


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