Attn MCI/UUNet - Massive abuse from your network wrote something like:

Some ad hoc terrorists, in a country crawling with US troops, with a
communications infrastructure nowhere as advanced as the USA just
managed to coordinate a multiple bomb attack simultaneously.

I just got back from lunch at the Wok Inn (Morrill's Corner, in scenic
Portland), where a fortune cookie museum has been added to educate the
stand-and-waits like me. In the 13th century the dynasty established
by Ghengis Khan was overthrown by a synchronized distributed program.
The synchronization mechanism was "on date/time execute plan", and the
distribution mechanism was moon cakes.

This whole thread is wierd. A tunnel in Baltimore isn't exactly a big
secret anymore, and we did cover this (knowing, unknowing, and mechanism
considered harmful) in the RAVEN list that lead up to rfc2804.

Oh, the "crawling with US troops" line of thought is wicked wrong. For
the few who care, point a browser at from time to time and
read a week or so of content.