Attn Access ISPs - FCC BB Labels (machine-readable standards)

Yesterday the FCC broadband label order is in effect – so all ISPs need to publish them. Oct 10, 2024 is the deadline to produce machine-readable BB labels. I have kicked off an effort via the BITAG to standardize the format of these labels. See for some initial ideas.

If you’d like to participate – because you are an ISP publishing labels or an org/researcher that will be importing/consuming/comparing labels – you may wish to participate. There’s no fee or docs to sign to do so, and your participation does noy convey endorsement of the final work product. IF INTERESTED – email me off-list and I will provide details.


I appreciate your effort in making a tool!

This is another tool: - I like it because I have one CSS file and then a few content pages for the plans.

Just FYI the Oct 10 deadline is for 100k or less subscribers. April 10 for 100k+.

Why reinvent new 4-digit codes to identify the type of service? Can’t the existing ATIS service codes be used for this too?

It is certainly possible – thanks for the suggestion! If you’d like to participate, let me know 1:1 off list.