Attending NANOG65 question

I'd like to attend NANOG65 (my first NANOG ever), but i can't, for the life
of me, figure out how you register for the event. I can't quite locate the
registration link on
Can someone, please, point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,


Looks like registration for this event is not open yet. There is still a lot of time. See you in Montreal


I can confirm that. I had a few questions about attending NANOG65 as a student (also my first!) and they are still working on the registration process for this year

folk needing complex or difficult visas need long lead time. and they
tend to need the registration and letter of invitation. in this case,
canada is not all that much easier to get in to than the states. ietf
is also working on improving this issue.


One of my frustrations with the NANOG website is it’s very PC oriented in how to navigate around it. The links are small and sometimes a bit obtuse, much like the posters on the list.

There’s generally not a big “register here” link, nor is the agenda featured prominently during the conference on the page.

OTOH, RIPE seems to have this done well. I visit the site, it shows me the agenda for $today() and the outcome is easy to interpret regardless of the device in-use.

I can still (attempt to) register for NANOG64 if you navigate to the right part of the site, but there’s no clear “Registration will be open X” date. There seems to be no reason why I couldn’t pay now for the meeting, unless the transition from AMSL is still ongoing.

- Jared

And that is indeed the case. They are using a new registration system vendor this time, and the integration is taking a bit longer than planned. From what I've seen though, it will be a marked improvement over the previous system for both attendees and NANOG staff.

I'm sure there will be an official announcement when registration is open.