ATTBI refuses to do reverse DNS?

In the referenced message, Rowland, Alan D said:

Please define cheap.
Oh yeah! I can opt for a 56K (frame relay) circuit for only $250 setup and
$350/month plus another $125/month if my local loop is under 10 miles plus
~$500 for the hardware.
That's $1225 the first month and $475/month after that. Yeah, Joe Consumer
(me) is going to be willing to cough that up for 56K. Typical 768K DSL
speeds pumps the cost to $500 setup and $850/month plus the $125 minimum for
a local loop. We're into house payment territory now. :slight_smile:

Cheap is subjective, so only you can define it. From your statements,
the above is not what you consider cheap.

Then I'm guessing you have to opt for:
Cheap, !Fast, Good
Cheap, Fast, !Good
budget for the service level you are looking for.
disconnect from this internet fad thingy, and go back to fidonet where
all the fun _really_ is :slight_smile:

The way some folks talk about their DSL, I wouldn't be surprised if they
considered the mortgage to be an acceptable expense to cut to cover the