Attack - Disclaimers - Traffic?

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Ben Lauden(sp?) said by Teleban(sp?) not to be involved in attack.
Palestinian authority condemns the attack and claims no involvement.
Remember Oklahoma ... don't spread rumors.

The best thing we network operators can do for the nation is keep the
information on the Internet flowing.

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My local SprintPCS network has recovered. I can get to CNN.
Out of state land lines now recovering from congestion.

How is the rest of the world?

Indeed. I hope that people remain rational, and remember that while this appears to have been a terrorist attack by some arab faction, the arab down the street or down the hall was not involved, and is almost certainly as shocked as anyone else.

I am confident that we will find out who is responsible, and take the appropriate action.

Quoted verbatim due to the importance of the concept. I hope we learned
something from WWII.

Unknown, but oddly coincidental.
WolfB from CNN says they are NOT part of any US attack.