ATT wireless IPv6

Does anyone know what the story is here? They have some transparent proxies for IPv4 traffic and I was wondering if they were to be IPv6 enabled soon or if IPv6 will reach the handset.


Jared Mauch

Hmmm... I'm seeing my rmnet1 interface on my Galaxy S5 as having an
address out of the 2600:380:46ae::/38 space which is allocated to AT&T

I exchanged a few emails earlier today with someone and it seems to depend on your APN. If you have the VoLTE APN on your device you can get IPv6, including when tethering. The APN you want is nxtgenphone.

If you have a device where you can not edit the APN settings (iPhone) you can not use the IPv6 enabled VoLTE APN.

I suspect this will be enabled if they launch VoLTE on the iPhone.

- Jared

FYI, My Note 4, With APN nextgenphone doesn't have IPv6 in Cocoa Florida
(Central Florida region)
Nick Olsen
Network Operations (855) FLSPEED x106

Hi Jared

I am curious on prefix size of routed block. Is that a /64 routed prefix?

How well it works with Android tethering?

I don't have an android device, perhaps someone with one
can comment?

  - Jared