ATT Postmaster Contact

Anyone have a contact for postmaster at I have one user on an email list I send to and they are blocking for abuse. This list might get 15 email a month that go out.

Filled out their "form" but would like to get this resolved in less than "2 days" as they state.


They will respond usefully to you if you are the admin of that server. If
you are on shared hosting, you might ask your provider to contact them.

And two days is not an unreasonable time to handle a block issue.

Thanks. I am the admin of the server.

I only have one user of my list that has a email address. As I stated before, the list might get 15 emails a month sent out. All users are put on the list by request only and only one person has authorization to send out. So there was NO way I was sending any unauthorized email of ANY type in order to get blocked.


I've had decent luck reaching out to, any other method of contact seems to just go to /dev/null.

It does generally take longer than 2 days to hear back, patience is a virtue.