Hi all,

For a while now (11 days) we've been trying to reach ATT as it some of
our traffic is dying within their network. It's traffic destined for
their customer networks so we can't raise a ticket with ATT directly.
We've emailed their NOC, but nothing and since then been trying to
raise tickes via phone with their customers that we can't reach, but
we're not their customers either....I'm pretty certain one of our /22
is getting dropped, as our other /22 works (we're small guys).

Can anyone help confirm our theory by putting us in touch?


Please provide source and destination.

Hi Nimrod,

Sorry. Our resolvers that are having the issue live at:

part of

Destination IP's we're trying to reach are: has address has address has address

These live within in our routing table:


We're not accepting the route from our peers due to the AS-SET in the path:
  174 199659 {65002}, (aggregated by 199659, (received-only)
  2914 199659 {65002}, (aggregated by 199659, (received-only)

Thanks Nimrod,

I'll speak to our transit providers again to see where 65002 is coming from.


Hi all,

In an effort to embarrass myself and let someone else stumble across
this, I did not have remove-private on our transit sessions and
AS65002 leaked out. It seems Cogent removed it though. NTT and Level3
trusted us.

I've added this to those groups and peering groups. Really appreciate
the feedback and help from all and shows who is doing AS-SET right.