Any known issues across AT&T's network? Got a couple calls for some
access issues, I'm seeing roughly 15% loss at a couple of paths at the
AT&T network edge.

Internap notified us that they were shutting down their peering with ATT (AS7018) at their Dallas facility and was asking them to investigate but there were no listed causes for it.

At approximately 21:34 CDT on August 27th, 2008, we were notified that the
link with ATT peer (AS 7018) in the DAL PNAP was experiencing loss. We
have since shut down the peering and will asking ATT to investigate

We will be following-up with ATT immediately to investigate this issue.
This does not appear to be related to a hardware issue on the Internap
side, so we will open a ticket to have ATT investigate their end

I haven't seen anything over on the "outages" yet.


Concur; I'm seeing two ds3's (one ptp and one ipfr) down. Down time 21:20
CDT. Meh.

Oh. Dallas, too , even.