ATT-Level 3 Peering

We're seeing frequent dropped packets between ATT and Level 3 in Atlanta
with traffic sourced from an ATT user destined for Microsoft Office 365,
making Office 365 apps unusable during critical business hours. Anyone else
have this problem with ATT?

We’ve been running into a lot of problems lately with ATT peering lately. Level3 included.

We have multiple carriers and most of them have run into this issue over the past couple months where there is congestion between ATT and our carriers, it appears there is a political issue on who should pay for the peering and bandwidth.
My colleague says he heard on the grapevine (Horrible source I know) that ATT is playing super hardball and requesting big cash for peering with them.

Anyways, that’s all I got.


I had a very clueless ATT salesperson tell me yesterday that “Our company policy is we don’t do BGP sessions.” I have a client wanting to use ATT as an upstream and they won’t do BGP (mainly due to clueless sales). If this is the level of comp tenancy then good luck. :slight_smile:

Justin Wilson