Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know about IPv6 on ATT residential DSL circuits? About 8 or 9
months ago i ran through several IPv6 tests (
and they all passed. With all the talk of IPv6 day over the past week i
decided to run it again just out of curiosity. However to my surprise, it
is returning the result of IPv4 only now. Any ideas why they would have
rolled back IPv6?


Probably, you were using Teredo or some other method to use IPv6. BTW
if you have a Cisco gateway I have a blog post on how to set up a
dynamic tunnel with HE. While native IPv6 would be best, the tunnel
should work for you as I also have Bellsouth/AT&T DSL.
Brian Raaen
Network Architect

After talking with someone else, i am guessing that your Toredo statement
is correct. However, i don't know why that would have stopped working as
it works fine when i am at school on TWTC circuit. I do not have a Cisco
gateway however, i have been looking into switching to one that i have
laying around.