Can anyone tell me the status of CDPD in the ATT network?


Scheduled to die soon, if it hasn't already. I was a second-tier CDPD
sub, via Earthlink, until about a year ago; they took a hit to move me
to 1xRTT, because the underlying networks were scheduled to go down, in
keeping with the general decommissioning of analog AMPS, during this
calendar year, as I understand it.

It was extended because of a couple of large PD's who needed more time
to switch (or amortize their gear; take your pick).

-- jra

AMPS, as I understand it, is required to be around until 1/1/2007, as mandated by tge FCC.


AT&T doesn't use CDMA... so they wouldn't be running 1xRTT. EDGE, perhaps?

I think the date actually got pushed back to '08, but I've not heard
anything about requiring CDPD.

Sorry; I didn't mean to imply that I thought the FCC was requiring them
to keep or dump CDPD. What I was trying to get across was that, there
being a large installed base for CDPD, they wouldn't dump it completely
for sometime for a replacement, unless they had to -- and not having to
maintain the associated RF and antennas for AMPS, they would no longer
be able to cost-justify keeping it after AMPS went down.

-- jra

Yes. AT&T also announced plans to get into the next layer, UMTS, which uses
the concept of code division multiple access (CDMA), but isn't the same as
Quallcomm CDMA (IS-95/IS-2000/CDMA2000). I don't know offhand which of the
GSM-core technologies are/will be deployed by them at this time, as they
aren't the carrier I currently use.

(To my knowledge, however, AT&T does offer GPRS, which is slow, but if using
at least two timeslots, still faster than IS-95 CDMA non-1X data. :sunglasses: