> I also don't believe Intercage was complicit in any
> net-crime; Thats not to say it didn't exist, but more along the lines
> of they got lost in the noise of running a business.

Which is not acceptable. You answer your abuse complaints, you shut
down your spammers. Period, end of subject.

That's a bit '90's. I'll settle for s/answer/handle/, because I don't
think that most sites are willing to actually discuss abuse issues with
random folks submitting complaints, and so that leaves you with either
sending a form letter of some sort, or not saying anything. Further,
many places seem to send form letters but not do anything. I am not
sure that there is much (or any) value-add in sending a response, unless
further information is needed.

From my point of view, the best response is when the problem simply goes

away. A personal reply (rather than a form letter) is also generally a
really good sign that someone cares enough to show that they're doing
something, but again that seems to be the exception rather than the
norm. The Afterburner experience, however, should be an excellent
example for the difference that simply *showing* you care and are doing
something makes.

... JG

I went out of my way to get it written into our customer contract that we can discuss abuse issues with the affected parties.

And I am simply an employee, neither an executive nor an owner, so this took a bit of doing. But it has given me great pleasure the few times that we made a mistake with a customer, and I got to tell the affected parties that the abuser is now homeless :wink: