Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

Russell Mitchell wrote:

If you have seen how Spamhaus handles our resolved SBL Listings, you would know.
Those 6 listings have been resolved for a week now. John Reid and his goons only provide swift LISTINGS, _NOT_ delistings.

Possibly why they're so widely used.

In the past 12 months, I have received not 1 report of a botnet on our network.

Your e-mail is broken, or you're a liar, or both

Phishing pages are always nullrouted at the time of the report. The "40 page report" you keep referring to is a complete farse.

it's 'farce' but that couldn't matter less.

But, undoubtably, you truly believe that there is an "Atrivo" and InterCage is a "partner in crime" to Atrivo huh?

Results *1* - *10* of about *26,900* for atrivo.
Results *1* - *10* of about *2,390* for *atrivo crime <Redirect Notice.
Results *1* - *10* of about *1,880* for *atrivo fraud <Redirect Notice.
Results *1* - *10* of about *1,100* for *atrivo phish*.

It seems that at least 26,900 people join me in the first fantasy, and 6000 or so join me in the second. Cult meetings are on Thrusday, we'll sacrifice a spammer.

Anything else you'd like to throw at me here on NANOG?

Sure, but I havn't figured out how to hit someone with a two-by-four over the Internet.

I truly feel that there are very FEW in the anti-abuse community that smelling fresh air. If you knew where you head was, and where it should be, maybe this conversation and the happenings in the recent week would have actually gave benefit to the internet in whole.

Atrivo/Intercage is off the Internet. That sounds like Mission Accomplished to me.

I'm done now, there's clearly nothing I can do to impart a clue here.