ATM Switches (was: New MAE-EAST)

A long time ago, Kent wrote:

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 06:58:56 -0800
From: "Kent W. England" <>
Subject: Re: New MAE-EAST
... Find a co-lo where you can
cross-connect without being robbed or build your own NAP, just don't use
DEC-designed Gigaswitches and FDDI. Use full duplex 100 Mbps Ethernet
switch or find an old Fore switch cheap.

Building an interconnect around a first-generation ATM switch is a lot
like building an interconnect around a first-generation router,
(think Cisco AGS or even Bridge GS/3).

The first FORE switch (the ASX-100), as well as its contemporaries, didn't
have the buffering necessary to adequately support wide-area traffic.
I suggest that, if you intend to use ATM as a medium, you look at the
current FORE switches, perhaps the ASX-1000. Such a switch would
provide the buffering necessary for wide-area connections as well as
support for newer ATM features.

An ATM switch might also allow you to connect it directly to wide-area
ATM services. This might, depending on your particular circumstances,
allow some interesting configurations, such as a wide-area interconnect.

Also, I suggest:

o Don't use ATM DSUs, (ADSUs). They simply weren't designed for
  the sort of load likely to be experienced at a successful

o If you are the first to construct an interconnect with a particular
  class of equipment or a specific product, try to test the
  configuration under load before committing to production.

  - Believe your test results. If things don't work while
    testing, they probably won't work in production.