ATLBL Contact

Good morning all,

Is there a contact for the ATLBL DNSBL or Network Solutions e-mail that
could contact me off-list?

The ATLBL blacklist is causing mail delivery issues from
to all mail servers utilizing the ATLBL blacklist (most notably Network
Solutions). I have done some research into the ATLBL blacklist and their
website just shows a bunch of advertisements with no relevant content
regarding the DNSBL (awesome)... perhaps someone at Network Solutions
could address this.

Any assistance in getting this rectified would be greatly appreciated. I
know NANOG probably isn't the best list for this type of inquiry, but
there may be someone that could point me in the right direction. Any
recommendations for a related mailing list would also be useful. :slight_smile:

Alex doesn't appear to be a DNSBL [anymore]. If you look at the whois, it looks more like domain tasters have taken it over after its registration lapsed.

Anyone using it for blocking is resolving all IPs (via a wildcard A record) to