AT&T Wireless outage in SoCal

Hearing rumblings of a major AT&T Wireless outage in southern California. Anyone have more detail? Limited to cell towers or are transit circuits affected?


Apparently their switching and core infrastructure (affecting both voice and
data) across the LA basin. Been ongoing since about 5pm PDT. One of the
latest words from their corporate people:

  "Company officials told KCBS and KCAL-TV that about 1,000 cell phone towers
were out of service and the problems were not expected to be fixed until 2:30
a.m. Sunday."


***I should clarify, apparently it is only affecting the ATT cell service.
Transit/landline service is apparently unaffected.


Friday at 4 pm PDT our AT&T landline facilities fed by a Pasadena CO SONET ring, went dark.