AT&T U-verse

What are people doing for business U-verse connections? AT&T installs a
gateway device that doesn't necessarily allow the business to use their own
router/firewall. The AT&T gateway is not just a VDSL modem. At least I have
not been able to get it to work. The web interface seems to suggest that a
pass-through situation can be configured and I have following al the
directions but it doesn't appear to work. Has anyone worked with business
U-verse and been able to park a cisco router between the private LAN and
AT&T gateway?


I've had various issues with end-users on these solutions, and the most common issue is that you can not entirely disable the firewall/smart packet features, and there are things like the "Misc" in the firewall config.

They also appear to try to do some application specific handling of things like sip-alg on udp/5060, but it doesn't quite work right. If there are ways to COMPLETELY disable this stuff, I'd love to hear about it as it'd be useful for a few people I know, including a small business that is constantly fighting/fiddling with the box and would prefer some dumb DSL device for their pool of IPs.

This is another place where Comcast seems to "get it right(tm)" vs SWBell, er ameritech, er SBC, er ATT.