AT&T/Sprint problems - Does Verio have their own network backbone

Yes, Verio does have their own backbone.

-Jeremiah Johnson

Does anybody know if verio actually has ANY backbone whatsoever? It
appears that they just resell, and they dont even resell just 1 network,
they resell a different backbone provider depending on what town they are

I do know that Verio came in and bought out, which was our
provider. The color & designs of the invoices changed. All the staff stayed
the same, none of my favorite engineers were lost. Verio might be building
their "network" on top of existing local networks and then hauling this
traffic to their peering providers. Take a look at:

-| Traceroute from one of my boxes with connectivity to VERIO (NYC).
-| [techno@amber techno]$ traceroute
-| traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte


Yes, Verio does have their own backbone.

but all of the acquisitions are not yet connected to it.

oh little snail ...