AT&T released DANOS code to Linux Foundation

This past Friday, the code for DANOS was released as open source to the Linux Foundation and published at

AT&T bought the Vyatta product from Brocade and developed on the DPDK Brocade Vyatta 5600 version. The software was renamed DANOS. So if it performs like other DPDK routers, you can expect about 10 Gbps of throughput per XEON 2600v4 or newer core you allocate to it. Other closed source DPDK router products are able to do 100+ Gbps with appropriate CPU and network interface resources. This would make it the first opensource fully functioning DPDK based router. The CLI configuration is slightly different even from the last vyatta 5600 version released but easy to adapt to if familiar with vyos or ubiquiti edgeos.

AT&T is using it in production in various locations and roles. News articles reference IP Infusion as the vendor offering commercial support but it seems they may only support the cellsite gateway router.

The project’s site is

A bootable ISO is at

I’m only an enthusiast and not affiliated with the project.

Jared Geiger

This is pretty awesome news.

From what I'm reading, it looks like the commercial support options will be able to use ZebOS as the routing engine instead of quagga? EdgeOS has been using it for a while, and was a huge step up in terms of stability and functionality.

Curiously, at the same time EdgeOS replaced Quagga with ZebOS I started reading more complaints and more people dropping UBNT altogether in the L3 world.
So I wonder if it was a good decision or not…


Chances are, if there was a decision to be made, UBNT made the wrong choice.

That said, I’ve heard a lot of good about ZebOS. shrugs

Well, early on during the switch there was a few issues with the change. For example, I had to fix the support for various IPv6 bits like 6rd.

It really should have been labeled as a major release (1.0 -> 2.0) instead of an incremental (1.x to 1.x+1)... but hindsight and all.

That being said, I do run a few EdgeRouter Infinities with OSPF and BGP (taking full tables for v4 and v6) and they've not had glaring issues for any of my uses.

Some people just upgrade WAYYYYYY too quickly without doing proper bench testing - and it always bites you in the ass in the end.

For an additional point of reference - I run two Edgerouter Pros with multiple full tables (v4 and v6). One of them is fine, but one of them crashes and reboots about once a week. I’m currently trying to replace them, possibly with DANOS now that it’s out.

DANOS is using FRR in the opensource version at least.

For the open source version we replaced our proprietary routing protocol stack with FRR.

Since the AT&T acquisition we have also added support for a few merchant silicon platforms in a hybrid software/hardware forwarding plane. ONIE images are available from the same link.


Just curious what ASICs/platforms/NICs are supported? I didn’t see any information about anything on the wiki.


What ASICs are supported by DANOS?

The press release says Broadcom’s Qumran AX silicon.