AT&T Outage cause last week.

According to AT&T, in a story just released, the problem was a Cisco
code problem. It would be interesting to hear what the actual software
cause was, if anyone from Cisco cares to let us know?.../rlj

- - - AT&T's network failure AT&T Corp. reported
today that last week's frame relay network failure
was due to a software-based problem.

Last Monday's network failure disrupted service
nationally for thousands of AT&T's business
customers for about a day.

The cause of the outage was previously attributed
to the interaction between two frame-relay
switches, but AT&T now says it was a software
problem. AT&T Chairman C. Michael Armstrong
said today the company is working closely with
Cisco Systems, which provided its switches, on
ways to fix the problem.

The type of network application affected by
frame-relay service is "any kind of high-speed data
applications where large amounts of information
[are] exchanged in quick bursts," Granieri said.
Querying an inventory database is one example of
such an application, he said. Reuters contributed
to this report