AT&T Mind Boggles...

<not usually my style to whine, but...>

So I send an online request for Wholesale IP Transit to AT&T
via their web site, and several days later, I get an e-mail
from one of their staff directing me to another link where I
should fill up my information (again). Suffice it to say her
e-mail to me already included my information, but anyway...

So I hit the link, fill in my data, hit "Submit" and bam!
"Page not found".

I send an e-mail back to the lady who asked me to follow
that link and ask her for help on how to proceed. She writes
back to say, in many words, "Sorry, that link is the only
way you can get your query answered. Oh by the way, here's a
toll-free number you can call, it's not the actual
department, but they should be able to direct you".

Several more e-mails go back and forth arguing why this is
such rocket science - meanwhile, I'm thinking, "She is
staff, she can put me in touch since it's their web site
that's flaky".

The final option I was given was to have a friend in the
States help me call AT&T on the toll-free number given. I
live outside the States, toll-free numbers don't work for me
(yes, they are free on Skype, but that's beside the point).

The whole experience was robotic and efficient; efficient at
me thinking, "There goes my business".

AT&T, what gives?

</not usually my style to whine, but...>


Mark Tinka wrote:

<not usually my style to whine, but...>

AT&T, what gives?

</not usually my style to whine, but...>

You need the proper perspective on these things. Rent and watch this classic movie from 1967, then you'll understand.

This is a bit more accessible, and free:


Not if you are outside of the USA as the OP is...