AT&T @Home customers - what AS are you moving into?

For those of you who have had your connection switch from AT&T @Home
to AT&T Broadband, would you mind providing a sample prefix (or at least
destination AS) that you're now in?

@home (AS6172) played a significant traffic role on my network, and
I want to make sure I'm prepared for any potential shift as customers
are moved off that backbone.

- Dani

Earlier, someone posted 12.233.190/23 which is out of the 7018 range of

I would assume that everyone of the ATT@home customers will be behind
7018. Remember that ATT is not all of the @home customer base.

If you have been watching traffic growth over that past few years, you
would have noticed that 7018 has continued to grow while other large
networks arent growing or arent growing as fast.


I show them with the /8.

BGP routing table entry for