AT&T DSL bypass first line

I've been an AT&T DSL customer for 3+ years, with no issues until they
started sending people into my neighborhood to "start retrofitting for
UVerse". Since they've visited, my PPPoE has dropped once an hour, many
times requiring me to restart my router (Cisco 877) to get my virtual
interface to come back up.

Speaking with the front line on the phone has given me nothing but problems
(in their defense, I do have a non-standard modem) -- could someone with
knowledge provide me with a way to bypass the CSRs and speak to someone with
clue to work out debug logs and figure out why I am suddenly an unhappy AT&T

Although your problems with the service provider are definitely not good,
one might also make the observation that if you're needing to reboot your
router to get it to take action again, then it might not exactly be
blameless itself...

The same thing happened to me. You can try asking them to simply
change the line from "fastpath" to "interleaved" or lower the sync
rate. I was transferred to someone who made the changes live on the phone.

After they retrofitted my neighborhood for Uverse, fastpath would no
longer hold sync. I ultimately had to give up ADSL via my 877W because
AT&T coincidentally no longer offered anything better than 2Mbps ADSL
after the Uverse changes rolled through.


Yes, you can ask them to change the 'profile', which can make things more stable.

Or you can dump you switch your DSL out for Uverse (Internet Only)...
Which is sold online (only) without any bundle.
In most cases you can end up with more bandwidth at the same or lower cost.

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I can vouch for Uverse being excellent service, at least in my area
(Atlanta). It's fast, it hasn't gone down once in over a year since I got
it, and I went ahead and got the Uverse TV service as well which has proven
to be a better deal than cable offerings in my area (satellite isn't an
option due to the arrangement of my property). The 2WIRE gateway they
provide is surprisingly capable. Port forwarding, the ability to scan the
wifi spectrum to see what channels are occupied, and a lot more. I haven't
found the need to replace it although it doesn't support 802.11n so I'm
going to add an AP at some point.


I did indeed end up switching to Uverse because it was the same price as
ADSL. The Uverse CPE can hand off its public address to a connected
device as well, so it doesn't preclude running your own router if you
have a need to do so.


Can uverse do Proxy ARP? Last time i tried, it made such a mess that i moved to Comcast.