AT&T Business Center completely broken for months - is it the norm?


Maybe this topic is better suited for the complaint department of AT&T
but I just want to confirm if it's just me or it's just AT&T...

So I'm a new customer of AT&T's DIA network and I haven't been able to
make a payment since day one. (And it has been several months.) Just
wondering if a completely broken internal billing system is normal...
I only have limited experience with Hurricane Electric and Equinix
before. Wondering if Verizon or Comcast is also broken like AT&T. Here
are the issues I had with their system:
- Clicking random links around the portal will give you HTTP 400
errors, sometimes.
- I'm unable to add payment methods even after following the payment
tutorial exactly. The portal consistently gives HTTP 413 errors.
- Live chat doesn't work at all. Clicking the button returns HTTP 404
in my debugging console.
- Extremely slow for some tasks which may result in a HTTP 408.

The system feels like a collection of HTTP error codes... How can it
be so broken? Are other ISP's internal billing systems broken like
this? Looking for anecdotes / experiences.


Have you tried a different browser? Chrome works for me. Edge and Firefox don’t.

-mel beckman

This has been the case with most AT&T systems I’ve had to use in the past 5 years, FirstNet is even worse. As others suggested in trying different browsers, I found that a lot of (especially older) corporate firewalls just seem to hate AT&T websites and flipping on a VPN to <cloud provider> tends to resolve most of my issues.


use incognito mode

it’s related to cookies, also if your getting a BC login your probably paying too much (use wholesale)