AT&T BGP blackholing

Does anyone have information or a contact at AT&T with regards to setting up BGP blackholing with them? I see that the question has been asked in the past but there was no definitive answer, at least none that I could find.

--Philip L.

If you're a direct customer, use your MIS contact. We've used them for
nearly 8 years, and I've been consistently impressed. If not, your
upstream should be your first point of contact.

For maintenance (e.g., prefix-list mods) they tend to take their time
unless you insist on expedition; but, for performance-impacting issues,
they're quite responsive.


As a former customer of 7018, I was unable to get anyone with enough
clue who understood BGP triggered blackholing. Retries and debates
with regular MIS contacts lead to nothing. Perhaps a better contact is
available, but I had no luck.

Good luck.

The problem is the MIS product managers would rather sell you their
DoS Clean Pipe solution rather than accept a prefix via a BGP session
with a unique community.

Their DoS Clean Pipe redirects your impacted networks into their
scrubber (Cisco Riverheads) then back towards your network.

What I find funny is that on the list of AT&T achievements of the past
100 years, the DoS Clean Pipe is listed in the 2000s while transistor
is listed for the 1940s. Whats next for 2008, claiming the Apple
iPhone or Cisco Telepresence as an AT&T achievement? Didn't know
resetting BGP next-hops was up there next to the transistor.

Mr. Wallingford says you should call up your MIS contact, but why
should you call up when most other networks let you black hole with an
existing or separate BGP session?

Sounds like AT&T MIS needs to get with the times and stop catering
only to the enterprise T1's.

Paul Wall

Drive Brucie.

I'll have to check I have a doc from AT&T at work from when I just set up a
BGP session with them about 2 weeks ago. I don't remember if there was a
blackhole community or not listed. The doc does list some community strings.
I was surprised, they were pretty responsive, now I will find out how the
qwest side goes, then I'll have full BGP.