AT&T (AS7018) customer triggered blackhole routing?

Does anyone know if AT&T (the old one, AS7018) has customer trigged
blackhole routing? I looked in the copy of the BGP policy I have
from 04/2005, and see nothing about it, and cannot find the updated
online version.

Off-list replies welcome.

I really doubt it. Last time I talked to a couple of AT&T sales engineers, they didn't even support selective prepending based on communities. It actually took a while to find one the concept could be explained to.

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mci/vzb sales folks as a whole can't explain it either, but we offer it...
I'd suspect if the original poster would have used a more legittimate
email address they might have recieved a directed note back from one of
the several ATT nanog-readers...

(note, of course there are always sales folks that CAN explain these
things, but in general they end up asking a tech person inside their
company... or we hope they do)