AT&T and having two BGP peers

We are getting an Ethernet DIA circuit from AT&T but they insist that
they can't BGP peer with 2 routers on our side. The WAN circuit can
only have /30 they say. Has anyone been able to successfully talk
them in to bending their rule? If so, how?

I know this should have been negotiated before signing a contract but
I was unfortunately not in the loop... :frowning:

It seems like a ridiculous bureaucratic restriction.

Welcome to AT&T's "reality".

Fighting people who have been set in their ways for over a century and actually capable of making the federal government bend to their will is probably not good for your stress level.

Sounds odd. They do IPv6 tunnels using 2 tunnels/routers. The /30 reason is even more odd for an ethernet circuit.

Antonio Querubin
whois: AQ7-ARIN

If it is the way AT&T have designed their product, there may be no other
way around.

From AT&T's viewpoint, it will add more complexity to troubleshoot.

If you pay extra, AT&T may have some solution for you.


Antonio Querubin wrote:

Use a /30 across the circuit and do multihop BGP using other IPs.


Thanks for the help. I just got word that AT&T approved the two BGP
peering with us. I think telling them others have done it with AT&T

Much appreciated.