Asymmetric routing with tunnel.

We have terrestrial link between korea and us. But we have many down
traffic (US -> Korea),
we consider satellite for getting more incoming bandwidth. I contacted
serveral satellite service
providers, but the major concern is integration with existing
terrestrial link.

Our connection point is located in PAIX(Digital IX). But one candidate
is located in Mae-east.

My idea is transmitting some traffic into Mae-east via making tunnel.

The border router sends incoming mail, ftp, and news traffic into VPN
box, which is connected
with other port of router. The traffic was encapulated by VPN box. VPN
box makes a tunnel
with one of Mae-east, which has the similar VPN box configured with our

The router of mae-east sends traffic into the router of Satellite
Service provider.
The satellite transmit our traffics...

I'll verify my idea is feasible, and there are some reference sites..

Thanks in advance.


Teleglobe is providing a similar type of service to Telstra's Internet
Service in Australia.

Contact Bob Collett at Teleglobe for more details


The Interpacket Group in Los Angeles, Ca also does this.