Association of Trustworthy Roots?

[I first met Eric when I was a consultant helping put together the
NetBlazer for Telebit. With my ISP hat on, we used NetBlazers for
many years, very stable. I only wish that BellSouth had been as
stable. We eventually switched to PortMasters for the improved
diagnostics of BellSouth's continually flapping lines. However, we
continued to use the old NetBlazers for internal routing up until a
year or so ago. They worked well, and supported AppleTalk, too.]

I didn't point out to him what he already knew. That he wrote me Sunday
morning (Sun, 16 Jan 2005 07:05:42 EST), a reply off-list to my note to
Perry before going to bed around midnight. "What did I miss? Why would
they call MIT's attorney?", and that I called his cell and office about
a half-dozen times until I got him around 8am, and after 10 or so minutes
of exchanges of observations on the situation, punctuated periodically by
"I'm sure you understand there is nothing we can do", and "I don't work
on the GRS side of Verisign", I concluded with "I have a message for Chuck
Gomes, tell him that liability minimization (doing nothing until ICANN
process authorized) is the wrong choice. This is a stability of the
internet issue."

Seems to me that Eric worked pretty hard on this at no recompense to
himself. And remember he was a voice of reason, cautioning this list
to treat everyone as human beings.

Martin may have finally gotten the job done, and it may have been
beyond his formal job description, but I wish he'd remember to treat
the rest of us as human beings, too.

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Why isn't this on NANOG where it started?


PS: I used the netblazer in 93 and it was a POS.