Assistance Required for Masters Program

I am in the process of enrolling in a Masters of Information Assurance
(MSIA) program and need some assistance. The program requires that we
complete a case study at the end of each three month term. I have chosen to
do my case studies on the Internet Service Provider industry. I worked in
the industry for 5+ years, so I am pretty comfortable with the technology.

I am looking for a couple of CISSP level engineers or even Information
Security officers who work for an Internet service provider to act as
industry contacts. The purpose of the case studies is to baseline course
content against current industry practices. So, I will be producing a case
study that will identify current industry practices and makes
recommendations on how the industry as a whole can improve security. My
work may even be published in those ubiquitous industry rags.

Because security is a sensitive subject, you have the option of remaining
anonymous in my reports.


Erik Jacobsen