Assistance (mildly OT)

I know it's been posted repeatedly, but I would also like to lend any
assistance possible, as far as remote-configs of devices or unix servers,
or DNS and/or temporary MX hosting. Our facilities are located in an
Exodus datacenter in Sunnyvale, CA.

If someone could (offlist) forward me the link of the on-line repository
of people offering help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


Here's a reminder of a posting I made yesterday about a website which is collating assistance offers:

Simply go there, and add your assistence offer by location and assistence type (colo, circuits, bandwidth, skills, hardware etc).

Since I announced it there have been about 30 entries made, presumably by nanog folks, since that is the only place I've advertised it's existence, but most of the recent posters to nanog don't seem to also have copied details there.

If you havn't time to enter it onto the site but want it listed, that's fine, just drop me an e-mail to tell me it's OK if I copy your offer there.

I've added an RSS feed with latest assistance offers posted to this site at:,

It lists the last few assistance offers in each category, which may be
of use if you want to keep track of postings to the site elsewhere.