ASR vs 7604 for BGP border router?

Curious if anyone can give me some real world thoughts
on the Cisco ASR1004 w/RP2 & ESP5 versus a 7604 w/??
as a border router for web hosting environment.

I'm looking to replace a pair of aging routers of a
different make. Current config is four providers,
two send full BGP on gigE to both of our routers
for redundancy, two providers send full BGP on gigE
to only one each, so basically each device receives
three full feeds and then they talk to each other.
Very simple network; border passes through firewalls
to core using static routes, core has default route
out to the border, all one physical location,
nothing obscure or complicated.

Cisco rep suggested looking at the ASR due to our
interest in having the firewall functionality built
in so we can get rid of the standalones, but that's not
mandatory. A friend suggested the 7604 but I'm not
sure what config as far as management, add-on cards,
etc. The cumulative outbound traffic may burst up to
1 Gbit/sec during the business day, averages less.
Only three things that really matter are reliable BGP,
functional IPv6 (not using it yet but want to), won't
fall down if a compromised server starts sending out
line rate garbage packets it has to discard or
similar things that don't happen in a test lab.