ASR 1006 question

Hey All,

I think i may be noobing this one here, any help would be appreciated. We
have an ASR1006 with a SIP and a 2x1gbps SPA. Right now we have:

2800 g0/0<----- -> ASR1006 g1/0/0

All we're trying to do is set an IP address on each interface so we can ping
( on the 2800, on the ASR). We have the IPs
configured on both but it's just not working. The 2800 is fine, if we attach
a laptop to it and ping it works as expected. However when we attach the
laptop to the ASR no ARP or ICMP messages are sent from the ASR, wireshark
shows no traffice what so ever. The Interface is up/up and it was a fresh
config, all we've done is add the IP address. Any thoughts? This shouldn't
be this hard so I must be overlooking something silly.


Show the output of a "show interface" command.