ASN source when using "-A with traceroute"

Hello everyone!

I have a funny case - one of our upstream provider announced our address
space for very short time which was well due to confusion since we
requested them to announce one of other blocks while they by mistake
announced both blocks.

Anyways, now funny thing here is - whenever I run a traceroute from any of
Linux server from any location, I see upsteam provider as well as our ASN
in output of traceroute -A.

This is not really a problem at all but I am just curious to know the
source of IP-ASN mapping in traceroute output. Also any ideas on update
frequency of that source?


( I coudln't resist )

#define DEF_RADB_SERVER ""
#define DEF_RADB_SERVICE "whois"

const char *get_as_path (const char *query) {

         server = getenv ("RA_SERVER");
         if (!server) server = DEF_RADB_SERVER;

         service = getenv ("RA_SERVICE");
         if (!service) service = DEF_RADB_SERVICE;

         n = snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), "%s\r\n", query);

     Yadi, yada...

     So unless radb croak... you'll be fine.