ASN oddity in the routing

Hello, I am unsure if there is a better place to ask. I am learning working on the enabling RPKI and authoritative IRR validation in my day job.
However, I find some very strange ASN grouped together. I understand several do not bother with RPKI or IRR, especially many large tier 1, which don't really care or need about other people's transit, but this is very small and I do not heard of it before.

In my logs to see which routes have the broken or malformed , frequently it is just omission and incorrect, but there are some very odd situations, but it also appears to be verified in other BGP glass.
Can someone please tell me whether these invalid is a bug in the routing? Why are there so many Africa networks going through a small Virginia provider and more than half the IP is bogon, but has an IRR entry for the wrong provider or it is unrelated? It does not look like the AS is related at all, and they are not in the same country, but there is a relationship peering.

Thank you

The two networks are forging AS path and that’s why you’re seeing their IP addresses announced under African ASNs.