Asia/Pac Options

i'm more or less in my discovery phase of a project
to modernize circuits i have in the following
asia/pac countries/cities:

beijing, shanghai, hong kong, taipei, and tokyo

right now they have a mix of frac t1/e1 circuits
and are in desperate need of an upgrade. initially
i was looking again to get a frac service from a
common carrier to all the cities, but pricing and
someone pointing out that business DSL (tokyo in
particular) is better for the dollar. that being
said, does anyone have any particular experience
with service in any/all of these cities and their
latency back to the states?

i'd prefer a sdsl equivalent service and will have
vpn tunnels going back to one hub location (hong

i'm already researching the 'usual suspects' of
resources, but i was looking for feedback not from
a sales person.