What the world is going on in Ashburn? Over the last two days I've seen multiple flaps from multiple carriers going through there. They generally last about two to three minutes and then everything restores.

I know NTT is having issues. We received an RFO stating there was an issue
and they were going to do software upgrades to fix.

removal of nsa taps

I heard that yesterday... I can't figure out why NTT having issues is affecting other carriers that peer in Ashburn though.... must be a routing table is blowing up somewhere there.

Or router bugs.

Or even inserting new NSA taps since some of the rest have been caught.

If there are ongoing issues at NTT I’m not aware of them, please contact me off-list with details. Happy to follow-up.

- Jared


I did hear rumors of a fiber cut yesterday in the area but no hard details.

- Jared

On that topic...

Has anyone noticed at 56 Marietta (in the main entrance lobby which is currently being remodeled), ground floor by the elevators is an ominous "Meet-Me Room #3" behind a closed door? A door that has an L-3 Communications biometric access reader. Which is different from all the other HID readers facility wide. One day I noticed the hum of heavy equipment through that door. Most suspect for a "meet-me room" where most of the time it's just passive fiber-optic patches. It's also suspect to have a Meet-Me room on a floor that has no customers, but, whatever...

Makes you wonder.