ASExplorer 1.0 Beta Announcement

The University of Michigan and Merit Network, Inc. are pleased to announce
the 1.0 Beta release of ASExplorer. The new ASExplorer is the first of a
series of visualization tools being developed by the Internet Performance
Measurement and Analysis project (IPMA). Please see:

The new, light-weight ASExplorer Java client displays routing instability
data received from one or more user-selected channels. We are currently
providing channels for routing instability data collected at the AADS,
MAE-East, MAE-West, PacBell, and PAIX exchange points.

Some of the new features of ASExplorer include:

* Who is AS1239? Well, just float your mouse cursor over AS1239,
  and we'll tell you! Dynamically updated Internic information
  tells you more than just an AS number -- try it and see.

* Instability levels are monitored via graphs of BGP announcements and
  withdrawals, both updated in real-time.

* Lists of currently flapping prefixes are hooked into the
  main ASExplorer window, and allow you to jump to an AS with
  a single click.

* ASExplorer now lists all of the announced routes by an AS within the
  last time window (currently fixed at 75 minutes).

* You can jump directly to an AS if you know its AS number. No more
  hunting through layers of HTML.

* Can't figure out how the darn tool works? Use the on-line

Also note that if you just want to look at the real-time graphs, you can
view them at

The new version of ASExplorer relies on the Salamander Data Distribution
infastructure to provide real-time updates to the client
applets/application via a platform-independent webcasting technology.

If you have any questions, comments, or any form of criticism, please feel
free to send mail to

P.S. If you have any problems running the ASExplorer software, please
mail us the contents of your Java console and a brief description of your
problem. The ASExplorer team will be more than willing to help you get
the software up and running.

- Jimmy