Ascend GRF

Now, we got our GRF 400 from Ascend in the middle of August of this
year, and It was an impressive piece of equipment. My first problem with
it out of the box was the "The GRF for Dummies" instruction manual. The
docs on setting up the ATM interface were inaccurate, and after 3 calls to
their technical support we were able to get the OC-3 ATM interface to

Yah the docs do suck a little, fortunetly I manage to figure it out without
phone ascend.

After that, I had OSPF working on it in under 5 minutes, and was
seeing routes in the IP table acquired via OSPF, so I was confident.
Getting BGP configured in any sort of usable state was a different story,
but after a few days it was set up and working. After all of this, I was
losing confidence in it's ability to work reliably.

After we let it run for a while, we noticed the GateD daemon would just
die at weird times with no error messages. So, we tried changing the

I don't believe this at all. One good thing about gated is that it has
loads of logging features.

looking for any sort of misconfiguration, and found none. We also
had a problem with the GRF not acctepting all the routes from our
upstream, but when I tried to use their monitoring utility to see the
routes, it was missing a key feature; the pause after it showed one
screens worth of data. Nothing like seeing a full routing table flash
before you, and if you tried to ctrl-c out of it, you killed gated.

I agree about the pause, but ^c doesn't kill gated it kills gsm.

was just really frustrating, and we decided to send it back for a Cisco
7200. The GRF has great potential, but the monitoring tools, SNMP daemon,
and documentation need to be completely redone.

The monitoring tools are not that bad IMO, the page pausing is a pain I agree
but yes the documentation needs more. ESP on gated.

Not to mention that
looking on their web site for technical information or setup help on a
product is pointless. Even though it was a brand new product and we were
supposed to get immediate support on it for the first 30-90 days, it took
between 2-6 hours to get a call back from Ascend tech support for
configuration help. At least with Cisco, if I have a question or a
problem, I can usually check out their web page or the cd-rom and get the

This is true.

Your network and needs may vary and the GRF may work great in your
situation. For mine it did not.

As I know gated well I guess I had an advantage in know gated. I've not
had any problems with it seeing routes via BGP, OSPF is a little buggy
and I think Ascend would do well to put on hold the IS-IS stuff [no doubt
UUnet are pushing for this] and finish getting the other stuff


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I can confirm both. We had *exactly* the same issue with the
GRF. Random ethernet resets on the rmb <-> eip with no explanation
'cept a release of new code. Ascend had told me something about
intergap delay problems with the Cajun.