I've noticed a large chunk of my customer traffic coming from
Microsoft. Anyone know if they peer anywhere on the East coast?

Ralph Doncaster
div. of Doncaster Consulting Inc.

I think you have confused with

1) I already tried (after finding them on the SIX
members list)
2) I think you have forgotten the NANOG charter. I'll quote one of the 5
goals: "Promote and coordinate interconnection of networks within North
America and to other continents." You may not care about AS8070, but I'm
sure there are lots of other people on the list that do.



You may want to try peering@ again if you didnt get an answer to your

As for the east coast, to address your question, there is a 'small' part
of the MSN/Microsoft Internet network on the east coast. If you want
peering questions answered, peering@ works.