AS6713 (aka IAM / MOROCCO TELECOMS) peering contact


If someone from IAM peering team is watching, could he please get in touch
OFF-list please ?

Best regards.

What if the peering team member is a she? Should she not contact you if so?

What if they don't identify as a he or a she?

That is why the better pronoun choice would have been 'you', not 'he' or 'she'.

Singular They! :smiley:

May I share some clue?

The OP is probably not a native speaker of English.

You don't play PC language games with people who you aren't *certain*
are native speakers of English.

Why? Because if you do I will show up at your door!

I dunno, just don't do it, it's rude and stupid, imagine if you were
trying to post in your college Arabic or French or whatever and got
hit with subtleties like this instead of a simple answer.



Let me (the OP) put an end to this :

- I'm certainly not a native english speaker, but my english level is good enough to make myself clear / understandable.

@Barry : No offense taken :wink:

- Maybe this he/she false debate all started with an "honnest/innocent" mistake. I do not care about / pay attention / give importance about the gender of my fellow estimed networking pairs.

@Clayton : Really, all I've asked for when I sent the initial email was a peering contact. Nothing more, nothing less. PERIOD :wink:

Now that AS6713 has been publitized (more than they haven't asked for), maybe someone overthere will finally ping back !

After all, it's Xmas, you never know what santa can bring along with him.

Wish you all a happy holiday season.

Best regards.

Can I share a clue with you? This is a North American English language list.

Threatening to show up at someone's door is a pretty douchebag way to make a point. What next? A rumble in the school parking lot at 3:45?

The person who taught me about BGP in 1995 worked for a large international carrier at the time, and told me the story of how network technicians in the Middle East would refuse to talk to HER because she couldn't possibly know what SHE was talking about. That story of sexism has stuck with me since then.

If it was a language mistake, then I educated the OP on the reason to use the right pronoun. If it was sexism, then I called him out on his bullshit.

Either way Barry, if you want to come to my door, be my guest, but it will be at that moment you realize what a huge mistake you made.

Then it's probably a good thing that the English language has no
gender-neutral third person singular pronoun appropriate for
referencing a human being. Conventionally, the otherwise male pronoun
"he" is used to refer to any individual whose gender is not known to
the speaker. It offers no insult unless the recipient is looking for
an excuse.

The "what if he's a she" crack was stale when I was still in diapers
and the pedantic follow on discussion about what the gender neutral
pronoun should be is just as tedious.

Bill Herrin

Isn't it better actually to use they?

Just drop it guys...please? :slight_smile:

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To whom it may concern,
Bill Herrin

Poor form Clayton. This type of response is not helpful or constructive.


That would work too!

How about Queens English ... Oyi !
Or the American Spoken English ... Yo !
or Spanglish... Oyime ?

Give it up.... ! next we will be discussing how to write emails in dots and dashes !


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Somebody would *still* find a way to misinterpret it.

When I ran a Scouting event for the district a few years ago, I had each
competition station give the teams coded clues where the next station was.
At one station, the clue was a length of surveyor's twine with knots in it.
They had to figure out that overhand knots were dots, and figure eights were
dashes, and then decode it with the morse code chart they had acquired along
the way.

As $DEITY is my witness, I never considered the possibility they'd
start at the wrong end of the string....